Hexodane Antiseptic Cream

Protects Wounds, Cuts and Minor burns from Infection.



ICM Pharma HEXODANE ANTISEPTIC CREAM contains chlorhexidine effective against wide range of bacteria.

HEXODANE ANTISEPTIC CREAM protects wounds, cuts, minor burns, broken skin from infection. It is also used as a barrier against bacterial hand infection.

Active Ingredients
Chlorhexidine Gluconate BP 1% w/w

Applications to cuts, wounds, burns and other broken skin, and to hands as barrier against bacterial infection.

Apply to affected areas after cleaning, or to hands as required.

  • Avoid contacts with eyes, meninges, brain and middle ear. Hypochlorite bleaches may react with chlorhexidine to cause brown stains on fabrics.
  • Chlorhexidine is incompatible with soaps and anionic agents.
  • For external use only.

Store in a cool place, protected from light.

15g tube