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Dear Partners in Healthcare

ICM Pharma was founded 50 years ago by the late Mr Koe Khoon Poh, who was no stranger to both the Pharmacy profession and industry. The company has grown and evolved over the years, and today produces a staggering range of over 300 SKUs in our state of the art cGMP accredited facility, specialising in oral mixtures, topical and external preparations for both the ethical and over-the-counter markets, and a complete range of disinfectants for clinical and general use.

Mr. Koe’s vision, passion, compassion, and dedication to the Pharmacy profession and industry form the basis for the company’s ethos. The company has been built on a bedrock of goodwill, respect and trust accorded to Mr. Koe in his lifetime.

In 2016, Mr. Nandiraju Manohar joined the company as Chief Executive Officer to lead our team, which has seen the company to new heights and milestones, including the establishment of PharmaKoe, which will produce a range of tablets, capsules and injectables at EU/USFDA approved sites for various ethical therapeutic categories, including antibiotics, oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, and gastrointestinal. PharmaKoe has already started supplying both government and private healthcare sectors in Singapore.

Today, ICM Pharma is a household name, and our products are available wherever medicines are sold: across all channels from hospitals to polyclinics, general practitioners and specialist medical clinics, retail pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies and drug stores. Our international business is expanding, with presence in Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and the Pacific Islands.

We are grateful and thankful for the continual support from our customers and stakeholders, the doctors, nurses and pharmacists, and the ecosystem around us which includes our suppliers, bankers, legal associates, distribution and in-licensing partners, logistics and technology vendors, and last but not least, our beloved employees. Many have been with us for decades, and together we have been through tough and challenging times, but we have always emerged better and stronger.

In these challenging and uncertain times that the world is going through, ICM Pharma is strengthening our core competencies and service to Singapore’s healthcare sector. Thank you for the continuous support for our products. ICM Pharma stands ready to do our part for our nation!

Please stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Koe Poh Tee
Executive Chairman