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The Board of Directors of ICM Pharma Pte Ltd (the “Company”, and with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) wishes to announce that Dr Stuart Koe, the Company’s Managing Director, has taken an extended leave of absence. The Company’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Nandiraju Manohar continues to lead in the day-to-day operations and administration of the Group’s businesses and will cover the executive duties of Dr Stuart Koe during his absence. The Group’s businesses continue to operate as usual. By Order of the Board Mdm Ang Poh Tee Executive Chairman

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Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Board of Directors of ICM Pharma Pte Ltd, I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Nandiraju Manohar (Manu) as Chief Executive Officer with effect 5 September 2016. Manu joins us with a rich experience of over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, having served reputed organisations such as SmithKline, Aurobindo, Bilcare, and prior to joining us, as Managing Director of Drug Houses of Australia Pte Ltd and Director of Ascent Pharmahealth Asia Pte Ltd (Teva group companies). Qualified with a Masters in Pharmacy and Masters of Business Administration, he is also a certified graduate […]

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ICM Pharma invests €5.25 million in Alloksys Life Sciences to support Phase 3 clinical study trials of RESCAP® drug

ICM Pharma invests €5.25 million in Alloksys Life Sciences to support Phase 3 clinical study trials of RESCAP® drug This is the largest investment by a Singapore pharmaceutical manufacturer for clinical trial development ICM Pharma will have exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights for RESCAP® used in cardiothoracic surgery for the Asia Pacific Phase 3 clinical trials to be conducted in Singapore and other countries with National University Heart Centre, Singapore (NUHCS) to take lead in multi-centre trial Utrecht/Singapore, 31 May 2016 – Dutch based Alloksys Life Sciences BV has signed and closed agreements with the fastest growing local pharmaceutical company […]

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Wound Management

Introduction Wounds are something that everyone of any age can relate to, from the child who grazed his knee in the park to the mother who accidentally cut herself with the kitchen knife. Most wounds that we encounter are superficial wounds that can be treated at home. Left unattended however, even minor wounds leave us vulnerable to infections due to the risk of germs getting into the body. Therefore, it is important to care for the wound promptly and carefully. Signs & Symptoms The symptoms of each wound would depend on the type and severity of the wound. In general, […]

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