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ICM is one of the largest local pharmaceutical manufacturers in Singapore. We have expanded into an organisation with over 100 staff, headed by a group of professionals including pharmacists, quality control and R&D chemists, microbiologist and trained technicians.

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Services Provided by ICM Pharma

There are three main sectors in our business: contract manufacturing and packing, marketing and distribution, and research and development.

Contract Manufacturing & Packing

Since 1975, ICM has been in the business of contract manufacturing and packing. Our clients include well-known multi-national corporations, local chain pharmacies and companies.

Marketing & Distribution

ICM is one of the active suppliers of pharmaceutical products to the public sector in Singapore. ICM Pharma pharmaceuticals are supplied to restructured hospitals, polyclinics, institutional pharmacies, Singapore Armed Forces and other major Institutions for our trusted quality. We have also developed several market-leading brands for retail, such as Lactus, Growell Scalp Lotion and Acne Clear.

Research & Development

ICM has established the R&D department to perform active research and development for innovative products. This covers human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, health supplements, cosmetics, toiletries, industrial and household products. We are also looking into using biological ingredients and innovative chemicals with proven effectiveness for new product development.

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