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ICM Pharma is a Singapore-based, GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturer that develops, manufactures and markets a range of OTC and generic pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and disinfectants. ICM Pharma specialises in liquid mixtures, creams and ointments, and is a leading supplier to public and private healthcare institutions, and clinics in Singapore. ICM Pharma’s over-the-counter range of “Minor Ailment Remedies” are sold in pharmacies nationwide, including award-winning national brand leaders such as Growell, Lactus and Aqurea.

Founded in 1970 by the late Mr Koe Khoon Poh under the name Woods International, the company started out as a trader of veterinary products in Singapore and Malaysia. The company started manufacturing its own Carrington brand of veterinary products in 1975.

In 1980, ICM Pharma became the front-facing corporate entity, while Woods International continued supplying government tenders. During this period, ICM Pharma was amongst the first in Singapore to be GMP certified by Singapore’s Ministry of Health for the production of human pharmaceuticals.

In 2016, ICM Pharma’s quest for innovation led to an investment of SGD $8mn in Alloksys Life Sciences, a Dutch biotech company. Currently undergoing Phase IIIb clinical trials, RESCAP® is expected to reach the market in 2019. With this new pipeline of innovative, first in its therapeutic class, life-saving treatments based on the RESCAP® platform, ICM will strengthen its already impressive range of over 200 OTC and generic pharmaceuticals.

With over four decades of manufacturing expertise in liquid and topical dosage forms, an unrelenting commitment to good quality, and a strong track record for safety, ICM Pharma has emerged not only as Singapore’s largest homegrown pharmaceutical company, but also one of its most respected. ICM Pharma is a past recipient of the Enterprise 50, Singapore Prestige Brand, SMF Sustainable Growth, and Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Under the leadership of Dr Stuart Koe, Managing Director of ICM Pharma since 2011, ICM Pharma has invested heavily in preparing itself for the next wave of growth, with a vision to build one of the region’s largest and innovative pharmaceutical companies. Ultimately, to best fulfill our promise to deliver quality products at affordable prices, that can improve health and save lives.